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Plant Based Energy DrinkBlue Lotus/ Blue Skinny Or Red Lotus/ Red SkinnyMixed with soda water, Torani flavoring, and your choice of milk topperBlue & Red Lotus Energy Concentrate adds 25% more plant energy and captures the nutritional powerhouse coffee fruit (cascara) with nature’s elite adaptogenic botanicals and acai berry, blackberry and blueberry superfruits, natural caffeine from green coffee beans and sweetened with pure cane sugar. Plant based energy harmonizes with the human system to naturally restore energy levels from Earth’s most powerful plants without sacrificing your health.

Blue or Red Lotus Facts:

  • Vegan and Gluten Free
  • 80 calories per 6 fl oz serving/ 80mg Natural Caffeine

Blue or Red Lotus Skinny facts:

  • Keto and Vegan Friendly
  • Each 1oz serving has the strength of 1 8.4oz energy drink can
  • 5 calories per 6 fl oz serving/ 80mg Natural Caffeine

16 OZ, 20 OZ, 24 OZ


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